Friday, January 24, 2014

Cooking is When You Put Food Together and it Tastes Good or Sometimes it Doesn't

Hungry? Need a snack? Having a Superbowl party? Well, you’re in luck, because I have decided to share a secret recipe with you: my husband’s famous green chili dip.
You will need:
Some green chili (preferably frozen, or in a can if you’re a heathen)
An unspecified amount of sour cream (like a cup? and a half? maybe?)
Garlic salt (even the Dipmaster himself could not tell you how much. His only direction on this point is to put in “enough.”)
Mix these ingredients together and enjoy. If you’re not enjoying, you probably put too little or too much of one of them in; how could you do that? This is such a simple recipe! Put more of one or more of the ingredients in until you are enjoying. Then you’re done. Consume voraciously before someone else does until the dip is gone. Then make more.
Heaven help you if you run out of chips.
This photo brought to you by the fact that there is no one else in the house to steal my dip.
p.s. This dip is also good to make and eat when you're by yourself, that way you won't have to share.

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