Monday, August 25, 2014

Labor Daybor Vacation Distractions

Most people take vacations during the summer. That’s what we did when I was a kid. We took trips to Kansas City to go to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun, went to Iowa to the State Fair and Adventureland, road tripped across Colorado and Utah to visit my aunt, and traveled to South Dakota to see Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore.
But since my kids are little enough that we can still take a trip after Back-to-School season, there’s no good reason not to. So this week my family is going on a Labor Day Vacation. And I’m going to take a blog vacation.
I always hated it when my favorite internet things went on break. And while I realize that this blog might not make your top ten staple websites, there is a small chance that you might miss it, so I am willing to provide you with a few distractions.
Strong Bad went on vacation once, and sent postcards to his fans. You can pretend they’re from me if you want. (I sing “It’s that Clock” pretty frequently, though I usually substitute my husband’s name in for the clock. “I can’t believe it!”)
I was going to list a few different websites, but I think all the content on will probably keep you busy for at least a week. A few of my favorites include Lookin at a Thing in a  Bag and Bug in Mouth Disease.
And next Monday you can celebrate the holiday with SB’s Labor Day email. I, myself, will be sitting on a cooler saying stuff to people as they walk by.

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