Friday, August 22, 2014


I have been to many different yarn stores in my time. Some are meticulously clean and neat, with reams of yarn lovingly arranged by color or by the type of exotic animal that gave its excess fur to the Great Yarn Cause. Others are the retail equivalent of a barely contained post-severe weather cleanup.
And a crafter's private yarn stash has got to be the same. I know of some crafters who devote rooms to yarn storage, and stack every new acquisition in its own personal Tupperware container, complete with a label. And others let the yarn control them, allowing it to invade their bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.
I like to think I keep my yarn stash at a happy medium. My yarn doesn't have its own room, but it does have its own box, and the only time I allow it to escape is when I'm working on a project. It's not the best system, because any time I want a specific skein I have to go diving into the box, but at least I know where all of my crafting materials can be found.
And there's always hope for trimming down the size of the stash, especially when I have a project like Tiny Owl to use up odd bits of yarn that I never thought I would see the end of.

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