Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Endless Search

We just moved into a new house. Aside from getting used to the fact that we can’t find anything in the kitchen and daily lamenting that there’s carpet in the dining room, I’m having technology problems. It’s not that the microwave isn’t hooked up right or that I’m constantly having to double check whether my laptop is connected to the internet (though there is that).
It’s that several times per day, I stop, look around, and mutter to myself: “Where’s my phone?”
Sometimes it’s at the top of the stairs. Sometimes it’s on top of the bread maker in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s on my nightstand. Occasionally, I find it other places: the dining room table, the dresser in my kids’ bedroom, the desk in the office. But I have to look everywhere before I find it.
I’m sure it’s just because I’m still getting used to my new living space. I’m sure eventually know where my telecommunication device is at all times, or at least narrow it down so I don’t have to do a full spring cleaning every time I want to text my mom.
Speaking of texting my mom…
Wait, where’s my phone?

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