Friday, December 28, 2012

Time to Crochet! Week 10

I didn’t finish the stocking on time. I finished the front half. Well, almost. I finished the front half, minus about six final stitches.

But it turns out that when you give a two year old a pile of treats, she doesn’t mind whether they are in a bag or in a stocking. It wasn’t like she was going to say, “how dare you not give me these in an extra large sock made specifically for holding delectables on Christmas morning?!” She was just like, “yay! Fruit!” I’ll get it finished eventually, probably before I take on another project.

My next project, though, is definitely going to be a tea cozy! Americans don’t know what that is, because in general, they don’t care about tea. A tea cozy is like a sweater for a tea pot. It keeps the tea warm while it steeps so that when it’s finally tea (instead of just hot water) it’s still warm. And since I got an awesome tea pot for Christmas (it’s microwavable! And dishwasher safe!), I’m going to need something to keep it warm.

I think I’m finished with making things for my daughter’s birthday, but since it’s on Tuesday, I’ll be sure to update again on how things are received.

Maybe I’ll finally post some pictures!

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