Friday, February 22, 2013

Early Warning System

There’s been a lot of snow across North America the past couple of days.
I don’t really pay attention to the weather forecasts, but I’ve been hearing it from all sources recently. “HUGE SNOWSTORM” “STOCK UP” and “BURIED UNDER SNOW” have been echoing in my ears.
I stopped by the store earlier this week to get a few things that we needed. I have never seen the shelves so barren. From what I saw, people are stocking up, because they are expecting to be under a snow bank soon. At least they’ll be under a snow bank with a sufficient amount of coffee creamer.
We’re all going to feel very silly if we don’t get deluged, but better safe than sorry (better stocked up than starving). We really should have a warning system in place for all the different things that make us barricade ourselves in our homes.
“The zombie apocalypse is moving slowly across the nation, so be sure to stay home with a nice pile of juice boxes and shotgun shells on Thursday; travel is not advised.”


  1. You can't tell people 'travel not advised' it just encourages them to go out.