Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is it Football Season Yet?

I used to stare, baffled, at some of my more football obsessed friends when they thanked the stars for arena football. When I recovered enough to choke out, “...why?” they would enthusiastically respond that without it, there wasn’t anything to watch.
I never thought I’d be of their opinion.
My husband and I ate at a sports bar this weekend, and the 48 televisions were playing three things: men’s college basketball, women’s college basketball, and NASCAR. I was suddenly yearning for some arena football.
We ate our food and discussed the interesting things about the sports that were being shoved in our faces. I contemplated the truth of the name “March Madness” (emphasis on the madness), we were relieved when a crash made the Daytona 500 interesting, and discussed the most amusing thing about women’s basketball (the fact that the coaches try at once to be both gorgeous and feminine and commanding enough to coach a basketball team, and the fact that it never works and they end up sweaty, their hair messed up, shouting at the refs).
We also discussed a recent comic by one of our favorite artists, a chart to know which sport people are talking about at different times in the year.
Sometimes I think it would be better to live outside the United States, just for clarity’s sake. That way we’d always know what people are talking about. And we’d never have to watch NASCAR. As my husband said, “Thank goodness for that crash, otherwise we’d still be watching them drive around in circles!”
Or maybe we should stay out of sports bars. At least until football season starts again.

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