Monday, March 11, 2013

It's in My Head

My father in law loves VeggieTales. He has transferred this love onto my daughter, by enjoying them with her and showering her with videos and music of her own, so she can watch and listen to what they love to watch together when he’s not around.
My daughter loves to listen to her VeggieTales CDs in the car. I’ll get her strapped in, start up the vehicle, and before I’ve got my seatbelt on she’ll be chirping about turning on the music. “Bob and Larry, Mommy, I want Bob and Larry!”
My favorites are generally the classics: the theme song (“If you like to talk to tomatoes...”), Dance of the Cucumber (“ butter on a bald monkey?”), and I Love My Lips (“...and I had to spend the next six weeks in lip rehab with this kid named Oscar who got stung by a bee, right on the lip, and we couldn’t even talk to each other...”).
VeggieTales silly songs are really catchy. I can’t listen to Lance the Turtle without singing along (“...aloha Lance! Lance the Turtle: dance, dance, dance!”), and I always sing snippets of Donuts for Benny (“...I feel like a ship on an ocean of joy!”), and I can’t even think about The Bunny Song or it will be stuck in my head for days.
But the song that has really been in my head recently is very evident because I keep randomly breaking into song. It’s not a Silly Song, but instead an Obscure Broadway Show Tune, which I guess is a reason for its catchiness. It’s from the (made up) unknown musical “Office Supplies.”
So if you hear me belting out, “Where have all the staplers gone?! What happened tooooo... our paperclips?!” please feel sorry for everyone who has to listen to me do so on a regular basis.

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