Monday, June 2, 2014

Inflatable Fun?

My children have lots of wonderful toys. Beautiful toys. Educational toys. Toys that entertain them for hours on end. But since they’re kids, they can also have the same amount of fun with a stick they found in the yard. Or a cardboard box. Or a balloon.
$100 (@ WalMart) is a liiitle more
than I want to spend. 
As I watched them giggle and chase some balloons around the house last night, I considered all of the wonderful toys that have to be picked up every day and stored on a shelf. If they could all be inflated at a moment’s notice and deflated when they were no longer needed, there would be a lot more time for playing, since my kids could cut down on their cleaning up time. And toys would take up a lot less shelf space that way, too.
So, get on that, science. Who should I contact with this idea so we can get some engineers on this problem? Does Bill Nye take personal requests, or should I just call Hasbro?
I guess meanwhile my kids will have to content themselves with the toys that they already have. Oh, and the cardboard boxes on the porch, of course.

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