Monday, June 23, 2014

Picky Dresser

When it gets over 85 degrees around here (which it’s bound to do as early as May), all I want to wear are dresses. Light, sleeveless, who-cares-if-it-looks-good-I’m-boiling dresses. However, fashion seems to be a problem for me. I just want something comfortable. This is apparently too much to ask.
Or maybe I’m being too picky.
I want something with fabric that’s not too heavy. I want something without sleeves, but not something strapless. I want something that’s actually casual, instead of this pretend-casual that’s actually unnecessarily fancy that I’m seeing at every single store.
I’d make one myself, but I don’t sew. A crocheted dress would probably be heavier than I like, but I guess it’d at least be something. Better than a $30 dress that claims to be casual but is actually nice enough to wear to a wedding.
Maybe someday someone will invent a clothing machine capable of making exactly what the wearer wants. Until that day, I guess I’m off to look at dress patterns on Ravelry.

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