Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Writing Prompt: Boldly Go

Writing Prompt #727

There’s a reason why we love exploration stories. Space, the New World, it doesn’t really matter. People love to watch Doctor Who and Star Trek, and study the parts of history with Christopher Columbus and Marco Polo: brave people, going forth into the unknown without fear, only hoping to find something new and exciting that has never been discovered before.
However, the idea that people today have missed out on their chance to discover something or need to step into a cryogenic freezer to wait until humanity has invented the warp engine is silly. People everywhere on earth are discovering new things in different fields every day.
Engineers are designing products to increase efficiency. Astronomers are keeping their eyes on the skies and finding tons of new planets around other stars. People in the service industry are working hard to make each customer’s day a little better. Teachers are testing out new ways to help people learn. Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with their products to see which are safe for the public to use. Historians are researching the past, determining the reason behind the actions of people who have impacted it. Writers are dreaming up new ways to make their readers think.
Just because we’re not all on an actual vessel that is headed off for unknown lands doesn’t mean that this is not an age of brilliant discovery.
Whatever it is you do, make it new. Make it better.
Boldly go where no one has gone before.

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