Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Day Hug

Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you are a human being and not, say, a rock, you have a mother. Rocks do not have mothers because they are incapable of hugging. Since you are not a rock, you should hug your mother this Sunday.

Your mother will enjoy a hug. Don’t stress yourself out about what to get her; all she needs is a snuggle from you as you tell her, “I love you, Mom. Thanks for everything.” If you really feel the need to get her something, grab some flowers on your way to see her, or make her a card with a piece of paper and some crayons. Whether you’re in your teens or your fifties, it will make her smile.

All your mom really wants is to see you. She brought you into the world, watched you grow up, and loves it every time she get to see you now that you are an adult. Even if she won’t say it, she is proud of the person you have grown into.

If your mom doesn’t live close enough to you to hug, give her a call. Better yet, use some kind of video chatting so that she can see you. Hugs don’t transfer very well over video conferencing, but at least you could give her a high five.

There are always other women you could honor on Mother’s Day, too. Your aunt who came to every school play and concert, encouraging you to do your best. Your friend’s mom who invites you to every Thanksgiving and doesn’t mind if you hang out playing video games in their basement every weekend. A friend of the family who watched you grow from when you were “only this high."

Honor your mother or mother figure this Sunday. Give her a present, or a hug, but most importantly, tell her how thankful you are to her and how much you love her.

I love you, Mommy. Thank you for being the best Mommy in the entire world.

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