Friday, August 9, 2013

Boogaloo Bag Count: 90

Every Thursday night I look at the calendar and freak out. “It’s almost Friday!” I tell myself, “I’ve gotta crochet!” This is a weekly occurrence, and does not go away no matter how much work I’ve done. The deadline to show off what I’ve gotten done approaches, and I stress about there not being enough, even though there’s usually plenty.
This week I finished the arduous task of fastening the handle onto the bag. I celebrated by starting the other handle. The bag count doesn’t seem that much higher, and that’s because it isn’t. The other handle is two thirds of the way done on the outside, and I’ve only used one more bag. It’s one of those huge bags they use to cover your clothes when you pick them up from the dry cleaners’. It’s the biggest bag I’ve used so far.
Who knows what I’m going to use to motivate myself to get his handle attached when I finish it. Maybe I’ll have to start working on Bag the Bag Part 3: the Sequel to the Sequel again.
Pretty handsome.
Boogaloo Bag Count: 90 (Body 71, Handles 9+7+1, Attachment 2)

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