Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Lay in a Pile Day

My week is not a normal week.
For most people in the world, weekdays are the worst: they have to get up early, go to work and work all day, and it’s only when they get home in the evening that they can veg out and do whatever they want. Weekends are treasured because the alarm doesn’t go off and they can sleep in, and when they do get up, they can play video games all day.
Since I have a job making wedding receptions more awesome, and most weddings take place on the weekend, the weekend is my work week. And when I have a full work week, I get no downtime.
While everyone else is complaining that they have to go back to work on a Monday, I’m laying in a pile recovering from my long weekend. Monday is my Saturday.
So excuse me while I go lay in a pile.

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