Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog to go: Learning and Laundering

Recently I broke down and got a new phone. It's a fancy smartphone, and it's pretty nice, except that I can't quite figure out how to make a phone call.

Another thing that has broken down is my washing machine. So this morning I piled all my laundry into my car and zoomed off to the laundry mat. That's right, I'm blogging on the go.

Using a new machine is the same whether it's going to clean your clothes or text your mom: you never quite know which button is the correct one to push, so you just poke at it until you think it's doing what you want. Then you step back and let it work, and hope it's not going to call your brother instead of your husband or bleed your colors instead of just cleaning them.

I'll eventually get used to my new phone. And the machines at the laundry mat too, I guess. Although at least I don't have to sign a 2 year contract and pay for a data plan to wash my clothes.

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