Friday, November 15, 2013

Boogaloo Bag Count: THE END

Ladies and gentlemen: Bag the Bag Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo is FINISHED.
Last weekend I was looking for a new project, just having finished my Ravenclaw Winter Set, and realized that I don’t need a new project because I have plenty of old ones sitting around that just need to be completed so they can get out of the way already.
Obligatory growth chart:

One hundred sixteen bags were used to make this one reusable grocery bag: 28 yellow Super Saver bags with red and black writing, 1 yellow No Frills bag with black writing, 1 white Gander Mountain bag with maroon and hunter green writing, 1 tan Office Max bag with black and lime green writing, a length of light green plastic ribbon, 1 white Raising Cane’s bag with red, yellow, and black writing, 1 blue Lincoln Food Bank bag with black writing, 1 white Popeyes bag with maroon and orange writing, 1 purple and copper Teavana bag with white writing, 2 tiny white “Smile” bags with blue, yellow, green, and red accents that the dentist sent home with me, a tiny bit of pink plastic ribbon, 14 dark green small Earth Aware packaging bags with gray writing, 1 tan King Soopers bag with red writing, 1 gray Kohl’s bag with black writing, 23 gray Hy Vee bags with red and black writing, 1 white Barnes & Noble (Nook Color) bag with black, red, yellow, green, and blue accents, 1 small translucent blue newspaper bag, 1 white Our Family bag with red, yellow, & green writing, 1 tan Home Depot bag with orange and green writing, 1 Medical Center of Aurora patient clothing storage bag with orange accents, 20 translucent Hy Vee “recycle” bags with red and black writing, a tiny bit of blue plastic ribbon, 1 large translucent green Earth Friendly Eco-Max dry cleaning bag with white writing, 13 small translucent AIR plus packaging bags with blue writing, and 1 super tiny translucent Fill-Air Extreme packaging bag with green writing.
Using lots of different kinds of bags makes Bag the Bag Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo look awesome. It wasn’t so fun to keep track of every single kind of bag I used (or to type them all up), but it’s so much more fun-looking than the original Bag the Bag, with its blue and white bags, or how uniform Bag the Bag Part 3: the Sequel to the Sequel will look, since I’m using the same kind of bag for the whole thing. The Electric Boogaloo looks like a “leftover yarn” project, when you use the rest of a skein or ball of yarn to make a blanket or scarf. It’s unique.
It was also a pain in the butt. I’m never using those thick Earth Aware packaging bags or a Teavana bag ever again, since they’re so thick I could hardly get a hook through while attaching the handles.
I do want to do another Bag the Bag project with different colored bags, but next time I will use a much larger hook.
Here’s Bag the Bag Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo in its glorious, finally finished form!

Boogaloo Bag Count: THE END

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