Monday, November 25, 2013

Poor December

I've always been kind of annoyed with the universe about the way certain months are treated. October has always been the nearest and dearest to my heart. It's not just that autumn month that you have to wait impatiently through until it's Halloween. There are lots of other important things that happen in October!
But I've never thought about December's feelings before.
Christmas festivities start before Halloween, and people start making New Year's plans on the preceding New Year's Eve. It's like December exists for no other reason than to be a placeholder for some holidays.
December is an entire month, not just one week at the very end of the year. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus in December. Pearl Harbor was bombed in December. John Lennon was shot in December. Paul Revere took a midnight ride in December. The Wright Brothers flew in December. The Mayflower landed at Plymouth in December. Henry Ford invented an engine for a horseless carriage in December. The USSR began in December, and the Soviet Union ended in December.
It’s not just that last month of the year when you have to listen to nothing but carols while shopping for presents. Just because it’s getting close to the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to eat, sleep, and breathe them.
Think of how December must feel when you focus in on one day and forget about all the other awesome stuff that happened. It’s a whole month, people!
Poor December.

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