Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Writing Prompt: The Work Week

Monday is happy to see you. She is infuriatingly cheerful and seems to appear whenever she’s not wanted. She’s eager to get to work and get things done, but she’s easily distracted by all the other busywork that needs doing but isn’t immediately vital. She’s always disappointed by how little she ends up finishing, but is always optimistic about how much she’s going to do next week.

Tuesday is slightly annoyed. It’s probably because he’s so busy doing everything that Monday left that he’s never had any fun. He doesn’t seem particularly suited to doing all the work, but combines his “somebody’s got to do it” attitude with the one that projects his feelings that he would have had to do it if someone else already had. On the weeks that Monday actually does her share, he reads wikipedia articles all afternoon.

Wednesday is more responsible than Monday and less surly than Tuesday. He hangs out to chat by the water cooler, but still manages to finish his work and to set things up so it’s easier for the rest of the week. He also has time to play flash games near the end of the day. Wednesday is effortlessly efficient, but doesn’t ever seem like he’s working.

Thursday finishes her work early and uses the rest of the day to plan her weekend. She consults co-workers about their plans and can’t wait for the end of the week. Sometimes in her rush to complete her tasks and focus on her upcoming free time, she forgets a few, only remembering them ten minutes before the end of the day. But at those times, she doesn’t worry much about it; she knows how reliable Friday is.

Friday is exasperated. He is always surprised how little the rest of the week gets done, even with Wednesday’s efforts. He is often pessimistic about being able to finish everything, but doesn’t spend much time dwelling on it, and so does finish a good deal. He never leaves for the weekend without feeling guilty about what he wasn’t able to finish, and usually half-threatens to come back in on the weekend to complete it, but never does. He knows that Monday will happily take it on, even if she’ll leave it unfinished herself.
Writing Prompt #199

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