Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Faith, Hope, and Fruit

Fruit is delicious. It’s nature’s candy. My kids devour it. Sure, they like candy too, but if there’s fruit around, they’d usually have that instead. I shove as many grapes, bananas, and apples into them as possible. It doesn’t really matter how difficult to open/detach from various seeds the fruit is, if it’s delicious, my kids are going to eat it. And to them, all fruit is delicious. They’ll even chew multiple times on a lemon slice out of someone’s iced tea. So Randall Munroe’s fruit graph doesn’t really apply to them. If it’s fruit, they like it.
Graph property of Randall Munroe,
I’m different. I enjoy fruit, but I’m suspicious of it. Some fruit is totally awesome all the time (like watermelon), and some is totally disgusting all the time (like grapefruit). But other fruit masquerades as awesome while having a certain percent chance that it will be totally disgusting. I don’t eat strawberries or blueberries as often as I give them to my kids because in my experience, they both have a pretty high chance that I’ll be biting into something sour. If I choose to eat these fruits, it’s because I’m hoping that it will be delicious, because I know that sometimes it is.
I have altered Mr. Munroe’s graph to reflect my own fruit preferences, and instead of the difficulty in removing the delicious fruit from its natural packaging, the x axis shows my faith that the fruit will be delicious to my hope that the fruit might be delicious.
Altered graph still property of Randall Munroe; I just altered it a bit.
So if you ever see me turning down pineapple slice, you’ll know why.

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