Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Arrival of Spring

Spring is that girl you have a crush on in Math class.
She doesn’t even know you exist. It’s a very cold feeling.
But suddenly she turns around in her chair and asks you to explain the equation the teacher just went over, and it’s a beautiful day. She frowns after your lesson recap and turns away, and freezing winds chill your bones.
A week later, she’s asking for help again. The sun is shining. You point out why her answers were wrong on the quiz, and she says she understands better when you show her how to get through the problem than when the teacher does. And she smiles at you. The snow melts, and warm breezes blow.
Two weeks later, standing in slush, you pluck up the courage to ask her to the dance. She says, “sure, um… what was your name again?” The world freezes overnight.
You wait patiently, shivering outside the gym as everyone else goes inside, a box containing a wrist corsage clutched in your hands. Will she ever come? Or will she stay away, leaving you frozen and miserable? It feels like an eternity before that minivan pulls up and her dad gets out to open the sliding door.
She emerges in a rush of warm air, shaking a curl out of her eyes, wearing a gorgeous light green dress and flowers in her hair. She holds out her hand while you slip the corsage onto it, and waves to her father as she takes your arm and lets you lead her inside.
There are lots of people dancing already, and a slow song begins as you reach the edge of the dance floor. She says, "Come on!" and grabs your hand, grinning as she pulls you into the crowd. Nervously, awkwardly, you put your hand around her waist as she loops an arm around your neck. You suddenly realize that you don’t know how to dance, but that’s okay.
She puts her head on your shoulder, and you are warmed from head to toe.
Spring has finally arrived.

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