Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Back to Normal?

Ahh. Time to get back to normal after a busy weekend.
But “normal” isn’t the same for everyone. For me, it’s an organized mess. A disorganized mess is intolerable. If it’s messy, but I can find everything, I’m good. If there are boxes of old baby clothes next to my desk and I don’t know where the air mattress is, I’ll go crazy.
Among many other things that happened this weekend, all of the furniture in the two most furniture-laden rooms in our house had to be moved so that the floors could be refinished. The results vary depending on how you look at it: if you’re into gorgeous hardwood floors, then you’d say that the work was a success, while if you’re one of those people who is into meticulously clean households, you’d shake your head in disappointment.
The floors do look great. And eventually I’ll find everything and put it in a place that I can find it again. But for now, I think I’ll relax.
Maybe I’ll look for the air mattress later.

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