Friday, May 16, 2014

May the Fourth Bag Be With You... FOREVER

It was fun to watch this thing grow. It got so tall so fast!

Every time I make one of these, I do the handles a little differently. This time, I started the handles from the very beginning (just like the last one), but instead of starting them at the vertical edge, I started them on the bottom of the bag, to give it a little bit of extra stability. The thing I didn’t do was make the handles on the inside and out. I just did them on the outside. I figured that would be enough, and then of course changed my mind when I got near the end. 
The inside-out bag, after I'd started working on the "inside" handles
Having to worry about finishing the handles is the worst part about making a bag like this, but I definitely think that this was the best way so far. I always drag my feet when finishing the handles, but the coolest part about that this time?
I finished the bag on May 4th.

4th Count: THE END (143 1/2 bags!)

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