Friday, May 9, 2014

The Great Mustache Superfluity of 2014

I like to tell people that there is nothing bad about my job as a photo booth operator. Except that I have to carry the stuff in and out of venues. Everything (if you don’t count the hauling bit) about my job is fun. I get to watch people make hilarious faces at the camera, help them put on silly hats, and offer everyone a ridiculous mustache.
Photo booths are super popular right now for weddings receptions, school carnivals, and corporate parties. So, popular, in fact, that our company’s two photo booths weren’t going to be able to make it to all of the events where they were wanted. In honor of a brand new third photo booth, I decided to make some new props, and it kind of… got out of hand.
The Great Mustache Superfluity of 2014
I don’t think we’ll need seventeen mustaches immediately, but I’m sure we’ll use them all eventually. Photo booth props get lost and broken pretty often, so at least this way I know I have extras.
I definitely have the necessary faux facial hair to head to the World Beard & Mustache Championships if I wanted to.

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