Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I’ve felt really lazy lately, and procrastination is fun. The last several days, I haven’t started writing anything until the very late afternoon, sometimes the evening. I’m pretty creative, so I can think of lots of excuses not to work, or reasons that I’m not working, but I haven’t wanted to put any effort in to even do that.
Earlier today I was talking to a couple of co-workers about a project that I’m working on. I’m not shirking my part, but I can’t do what I need to do unless I am contacted by others. “They’re adults,” I told them. “This is their job; if they don’t want to do it, I can’t make them. It just won’t get done until they actually put forth the effort.”
After this conversation, I came home and started dinking around on the internet. I found a writing prompt and got to work on it (sort of). But during my procrastination, I came across several different things: two tweets (from people I don’t follow, retweeted by two separate people I do follow) and a tumblr post via George Takei’s facebook page. (Yes. This is a lot of procrastinating.) All three seemed to be shouting at me: WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING???

Tweets by Matthew Wrex and C. Spike Trotman; George Takei's facebook is always full of crazy stuff.
The universe was putting up a sign in the places I procrasti-loiter to tell me that I’m an adult, that writing is my job (one that I love), but if I don’t want to do it, the universe can’t force me to. I won’t write something brilliant (or even anything lame) until I actually put forth the effort to get it done.

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