Friday, October 31, 2014

I Wrote a Creepy Story; Are You Satisfied Now, Universe?

It’s been pretty hard to find good writing prompts this month. Well, ones that interested me, anyway. Most of them have included the words “spooky” “paranormal” or “creepy” in them somewhere, and I don’t like scary things. The only slightly creepy story I’ve ever been able to write had two kids trying to join their neighborhood’s paranormal investigation club. It was a high school assignment, and while my classmates all wrote scary things, I made the characters wander through an allegedly haunted house, where nothing happened but that they were scared at nothing and when they came out safe on the other side they got to join the club.
But the last couple of days I’ve been thinking of a story I could write that wouldn’t be too scary for me but would satisfy the apparent demand for creepiness during this time of year. Okay, here goes.

The back porch wasn’t the best place to spend your time. In the winter it was too cold, and in the summer it was too hot. It was a nice place to keep canned fruit and bags full of recyclables that never got taken out to be recycled. It was an okay area to stand in for a bit and sort laundry, or to stash that twelve pack of soda that you didn’t want anyone else in the house to know was there.
One autumn afternoon she remembered that the soda was there, and headed back to the porch to get one. Her bare feet touched the cool floor as she reached for the box. A soda rolled toward her, and as she was lifting it and moving to turn away,

The end.

This has been a semi-true creepy story that has not actually happened but could happen and I think about it every time I go back on the porch to get a soda. I hope that your creepy story yearnings have now been sated. Happy Halloween.

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