Monday, October 27, 2014

Writing Prompt: It Wasn't a Dream

He cleared his throat uncomfortably. She wondered if he had a sore throat. "So, um, Ms. Wallace, what would you say you could bring to this position that sets you apart from other applicants?"
She smiled. "My sense of professionalism," she answered confidently. "I know it's important to be friendly with co-workers, but even when I'm getting to know the people I work with, I always maintain a professional attitude."
He nodded, though something in his facial expression made her think he didn't believe her. "Well," he said, "your references are excellent, and you definitely meet all of our qualifications. We have a few more people to interview, but we're hoping to make a decision by the end of the week. We'll let you know by Monday." He set her resume down on the desk and stood, holding out his hand.
"Thank you for your time," she replied, grabbing her leather briefcase as she stood to shake his hand. She noticed quite a few of his employees watching as she turned to leave his office.
"Ah, Ms. Wallace," he called as she reached the door. "I suppose I do have just one more question."
"This might seem rude, but I was just wondering why, um... What I mean to say is that most people wear a suit to an interview. Is there a reason you chose this... particular attire?"
She clutched the handle of her briefcase tightly with one hand and looked down at the giraffe print footie pajamas she was wearing, then squeezed her eyes shut.
When she opened them, he was watching her as though he was expecting to have to lunge for the phone to call security.
"So," she said awkwardly. "I guess this isn't a dream."

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