Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's the One

I was sitting on the steps of the Union waiting for my husband’s class to get out so that we could have lunch. The front of the Union is a great place to people watch: that guy needs to wash his hair, that girl is definitely making a statement with that outfit (“my parents can’t tell me what to wear anymore”), that person is attractive.
These were the things I was thinking as I waited for my husband. I looked a bit harder at that attractive person, and decided the reason that I thought he was attractive was because his haircut was similar to my husband’s, and his gait resembled the long legged, confident stride of my husband’s. I smiled, happy that I had the cutest husband in the world and that I only noticed other people because they were similar to him. I couldn’t wait to tell him about it.
I looked away and continued to wait, letting my mind wander, and a bit later, looked back at the person I had been assessing before, realizing that he was carrying his backpack the same way my husband did. The backpack reminded me that I needed to get something from mine, so I turned and dug into it.
When I looked back, I saw that he was much nearer than he’d been before, and that he was actually walking toward me. I grinned.
He walked up to me and said, “What should we get for lunch?”

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