Friday, January 4, 2013

Time to Crochet! Week THE END

My daughter’s birthday was a wild success. My wonderful father in law provided us with a beautiful handmade toy chest, and I filled it with hand me down toys from my aunt and cousin, things I found in the $1 bins at Target, awesome stuff I used to play dress up with as a kid, and the hats that I made for her over the last few months.

She was thrilled. Things were tossed all over the floor by the time we were done, even with my best efforts to keep the playslposion contained. The best part was when she gasped, grabbed the tiger hat (the source of all sorts of frustration on my part) and shoved it on her head, exclaiming, “Thank you, Mommy!”

Hard work? Worth it.

Speaking of hard work, there’s nothing more strenuous to take on than a photo shoot. You’ve got to hire a photographer and crew, rent or buy all of the equipment, set up a location, and then there’s permits and a million other things to worry about. So instead I grabbed a sheet out of my daughters’ bedroom, tossed it over a chair, and went “click, click, click” with my little Canon PowerShot. In my very unprofessional photos, you’ll see the modeling talents of the roll of paper towels that I’m currently using. I’m sure it’ll be a short lived career. I do have a couple of little faces that need cleaning pretty often.

I’ve finally got pictures of all of the projects, but it’s pretty hard to make 8+ pictures look nice in one blog post, unless the post in question happens to be pretty lengthy. If you really want to check out the rest of the pictures (zebra, piggy, lamby & party hats), they’re up on my
Ravelry account.

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