Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Why don’t I have a potato masher?!

Kids don’t think about living on their own much, especially when their parents are the ones who care for them. They don’t think about how they’ll lay out their living room, how they’re going to pay for the cable bill, or how long it will take them before they have bay leaves in their spice cupboard. When they get out on their own, sometimes they’re surprised that they have to think about all of these things.

Before I moved into my first place, my mom and I went shopping. We found me a dish set, a silverware holder, and even some forks and spoons. I made more macaroni and cheese boxed dinners in that apartment than any other kind of food (put together), and since then I’ve been trying to expand my kitchen supplies to get even close to the fully stocked-ness that my mother enjoys.

Despite having a Pampered Chef party for my bridal shower, I my kitchen still doesn’t measure up to my mother’s. Although I do love the awesome stuff I got there: my bamboo cutting board, pizza stone, and various other things.

My general mode of operations since then has been to purchase things as I need them. If I find a recipe that I really want to try that uses an ingredient or tool that I don’t have yet, I go out and get it. If I want to make something but don’t have a specific recipe and don’t want to go out, I search for a recipe until I find one that uses ingredients that I already have in the house.
I asked for (and received) spatulas for Christmas. It’s been nice having more than one recently, I don’t have to immediately wash the one I have in order to be able to scrape something else.

I've had lots of time and opportunity to improve the state of my kitchen, but instead I’ve been letting it happen gradually, which has been okay so far. As long as I plan ahead.

Now all I have to do is decide whether I want to use a fork or a wooden spoon to mash these potatoes.


  1. Use a tall drinking glass, they work well :)

  2. I like to whip my potatoes with a hand mixer. It's quick, easy and precludes the need for a potato masher.