Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate

I just discovered this song. Apparently it’s been out for several years, but it’s not a style that I normally listen to, so that’s probably why I missed it.
I’m sure it could be a completely serious criticism of a specific someone, but it's more likely that it’s just making fun of people who endlessly criticize free content that they are in no way required to pay attention to.
The weird thing about the internet is that there’s lots of wonderful stuff out there that is worth paying attention to. But instead of finding something else to look at, listen to, or read, people turn into poo flinging monkeys when they encounter something that’s not great. And the whole situation could be resolved if only the monkey could pause before flinging and remember the obvious: no one is being forced to watch this video, read this webcomic, or listen to this music.
Before you get into a flame war on facebook, step back and ask yourself if the argument you’re about to engage in is actually worth your time. It isn’t? What could you possibly do with that extra time? Here's an idea: go outside and look at the shapes of clouds in the sky. (As long as you promise not to tweet about how the clouds above you suck because they aren’t shaped like anything.)
If you absolutely insist on staying online, go read some hilarious comics at Watch Nika Harper’s vlog Wordplay. Follow Maureen Johnson on twitter (even if you’re not a fan of her books, I promise, she’s delightful).
And if you honestly hate all of those things, then there’s a great big internet out there that you might possibly enjoy. No reason to spew all over something you don’t like when the smart thing to do would be to stop paying attention to it.

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