Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Not Yet, Not Yet

My husband needs new socks. He is really hard on them, and goes through them like kleenexes. He’s only got about six pairs that are decent looking (that is, without too many holes). The rest of his socks are mismatched ones that I get out once per month or so to see if I can find the ones that go with them. Usually I can’t, but instead of throwing them away, I toss them back in the mismatched socks bag, hoping that I’ll be able to pair them up the next time I get them out.
The new plan I came up with just now is to not wash my husband’s socks until he’s completely out of clean ones so that I can see which ones are completely mismatched and which ones are just hiding alone in his sock drawer.
It won’t be so bad. He can wear the black ones over and over. Black socks never get dirty. This way I will be able to get rid of that voice inside me that says, “not yet, not yet” when I think about throwing the whole mismatched sock bag in the garbage.
Then maybe I’ll buy him some new ones.

1 comment:

  1. I still hold on to the unmatched socks for sock monkeys, sock puppets, etc. I've heard that some people use them for dusting, but then when you wash them, how do you know they're dusting socks and not wearing socks?

    Why are socks so complicated?