Friday, June 21, 2013

Bag Count: 94

Guys, Bag the Bag is almost done. I mean it this time. It’d be even more almost done if I hadn’t stitched one handle on sideways and had to pull almost all of it apart again. If I hadn’t been doing all the laundry, filing & archiving, and giggling/writing fan fiction, it would probably be done. I guess it also didn’t help that most of this week my husband was on a business trip so any free time I normally have in the evenings was taken up by my children being awesome.
But seriously. It’s almost done.
It’s so almost done that I didn’t even touch Bag the Bag Part 2: the Electric Boogaloo this week. That’s how almost done it is. (I guess you could also attribute my lack of work on the sequel to all the reasons mentioned above as well, but I prefer to think that the reason it got neglected is because I was super focused on the original).
Proof of almostfinishtitude
Bag Count: 94

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