Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't Be That Guy

My driver's ed teacher used to say that you should always obey the speed limit, even when passing someone. The only reason to pass, he would explain, was if the other driver was driving more slowly.
The effect would have been spoiled
slightly had Gandalf thundered,
My driver's ed teacher was wrong.
If you're going to pass someone, especially on the interstate, don't dilly dally around going 75 mph while you inch up past them just because they're going 74 mph. Don't be That Guy. You know the one I mean: the dude who hangs out in your blind spot for so long that you forget he's there and almost pull out in front of him when you go to pass the semi in front of you and have to juke back into your lane while he remembers that he's driving and finally gets out of your way. You don't want to be That Guy.
When you pass someone, it’s okay to go a little faster just to make sure you get out of their way. You can go back to daydreaming when you’re safely in the right lane again. The left lane is for passing. Quickly. It’s not for taking a leisurely drive from Cheyenne to Des Moines. There are people around you that are trying to reach destinations. And not die in the process.
Don’t hang out in the blind spot. Don’t be That Guy.

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