Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday in History: Interesting... Dinner

The third day of October is the anniversary of lots of interesting things.
In 1863, President Lincoln declared that Thanksgiving would be celebrated annually (prior to that, “a Thanksgiving” had been declared by leaders whenever something happened that was worth having a party for, sort of like a Roman triumph but less ego-boosting).
October 3rd is a big day in the history of space exploration.  The first manufactured object to enter space was launched from Germany in 1942. Twenty years later Sigma 7 orbited the earth six times in nine hours, the longest manned flight at the time. The Space Shuttle Atlantis, which was retired from use in July 2011, had its first flight twenty eight years ago today, in 1985.
I can tell you exactly where I was standing on this day in 1995: at school in Elmwood, Nebraska, in the English classroom, watching the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial. I can still remember Danae jumping off of the desk she’d been sitting on, yelling “WHAT?!” before the rest of the room erupted into a cacophony.
These things are all interesting and historically significant in their own way. But why write about Thanksgiving, space travel, or the criminal actions of former NFL stars when you could research the murky, often challenged world of bar food? Apparently (stories vary), on this day in history in 1964, Buffalo wings were “invented” at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. Every member of the family who owned the place tells a different version of their creation, and these are all hotly contested by another man from the same city who claims that he is responsible for their creation years earlier.
Whatever their origins, I know one thing: Mom, Dad’s gonna want B-dubs for dinner tonight.

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