Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My coaster is gone.
I work at my desk every day, and more often than not, I have a drink sitting in front of me. The glass desk and the paper and electronic things sitting on it do not welcome condensation from cold liquids, so I use a coaster. Last night, I discovered it was missing.
It's dapper, AND keeps
my desk from getting wet.
Did I go to the shelf where I know there are more in order to replace it? No. I’m using a broken photo booth prop that I’m sick of fixing (it’s a monocle, or it was supposed to be. I spent more time explaining what it was than people spent using it correctly in the booth). Why did I not immediately grab a new one? Because I don’t want to put it away when my coaster reappears.
It’s the way of things. As soon as I give in and get out a new coaster, a tiny person toddles up to me in possession of what I had until recently been urgently searching for. Since this tiny person was most likely the culprit that carried it off in the first place and hid it carefully while I searched, it’s hard to be thankful.
Until that happens, I’ll just set my Mountain Dew on this cardboard monocle.

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