Monday, December 9, 2013

My Best Laid Plans vs the Cold

The sun is shining on the newly fallen snow, and my daughters’ snowsuits are hanging in the closet.
I need some more materials for a craft project, but the car is covered in ice.
The warmest room in the house is the kids’ bedroom, but I need to work.
It’s cold.
Several of the above things sound fun. My daughters love to play in the snow. I’m excited to get started on a really cool project for my cousin’s Christmas present. But when it’s -DEATH° outside, and the cold is always trying to creep in, staying warm occupies my thoughts and keeps me from doing things that I would normally be happy to do.
Even more unfortunately, the tasks that can’t be completed by untangling the laptop from the mess of cords on the desk and sitting on my daughter’s bed for a while would have to begin with me going outside to scrape the car off. Taking my kids to the craft store after bundling them up isn’t going to be much fun either, but frolicking in the snow followed by a hot lunch and a snuggle read in the warmest room in the house should make up for it.
I will defeat you, cold. I will do everything I want to do and need to do. You can’t stop me… unless I can’t find my boots.
Then it’s an all-day book fest under blankets in front of the heating vent.

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