Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sibling Sushi

“The older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.” -Baz Luhrmann
When I was a kid, my brothers were my playmates, my rivals, and my best friends. We ran all over the pasture at my grandparents’ farm, rode bikes around town, and built many precarious and architecturally unsound tree houses. We learned, grew, and got into trouble together. We had ridiculous nicknames for each other and stupid inside jokes that we couldn’t explain to others if we tried.
Then we grew up.
We don’t play together anymore, but that’s because I don’t have any Barbies and their G.I. Joes have been missing for years. The last fight we had was probably in junior high about whether we were going to watch a movie or cartoons. And nobody has dug any holes in the middle of the yard in an attempt to tunnel to the other side of the earth nor nailed boards randomly to the side of any trees for a decade or so.
We’ve still got stupid inside jokes and call each other embarrassing things. We’re still learning together and watching our children grow together while we sit and discuss the difficulties of having a career. We still love to ramble in the pasture at the farm and point out which trees that we used to pretend were our houses next to the dried up pond.
My brothers are still my best friends. I know that if I ever need anything, they will help however they can, even if it requires them to let me talk their ear off on the phone when they call to ask me something.
We love to get together whenever possible, whether we’re in my front hallway talking for half an hour without realizing how long we’d been standing there or hanging out in my parents’ living room, laughing about stupid stuff. But there is one thing we like to do at least once a year, and that’s Sibling Sushi.
Lincoln, Nebraska has several excellent sushi restaurants; every once in a while we pick one and head over, vowing that we will hang out, eat sushi, and high five. We sit and talk about anything and everything, fight over Philadelphia rolls, sip miso soup, and my husband and sister in law laugh while my brothers and I high five each other like we’re the kids we used to be.
Sushi is awesome, and so is hanging out with your siblings. If you’re like, “Eww, gross! Raw fish!” then there’s always Taco Bell. But in my opinion, by skipping the sushi you’re missing out on quite a few awesome alliterative possibilities.
No matter what you eat, hanging out with the people you were close to as a kid is a wonderful thing. (High five!)

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