Monday, December 30, 2013

The Long Weekend

Holidays are wonderful. You get to see all your relatives that you don’t get to see during the year. You get to give your family things that you think they’ll love. You get to eat food that you wouldn’t other times in the year: eggnog, candy canes, and those awesome peanut butter cookies with the chocolate stars in the middle.
The other thing you get is time off from work. This year it just happened that my husband had a whole week off. It was great to get to just hang out around the house, playing with our kids and talking. But a couple of days after Christmas, we both started to itch for something to do that wasn’t picking up all the new toys. My husband got out his work laptop. I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. As wonderful as it was to have a week and a half to relax, nine days was too much.
I propose, in addition to the weekends that we already have, that every three months or so, everyone should get a nice, solid, four day weekend. Two days is okay if you don’t have anything going on, but if you do, you may not be able to de-stress after a long week and be able to take a big breath before plunging into the next one. Four days allows you to toss off whatever lingering work problems you brought home, relax, and even maybe do something with your friends or family. Plus, it’s short enough that you won’t get bored playing video games and go scrub the stove.
Humans need work. Having a day or four off is nice, but having a week and a half off is a bit much. Four days is perfect. Now I just have to figure out who exactly is in charge of this sort of thing and get to work making the quarterly break a reality.

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