Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday in History: Day of the Ninja

If you see anyone sneaking down the street with a plastic sword and a t-shirt tied around their head this afternoon, don’t worry about it. Today, that’s normal behavior, because on this day in history, we celebrate Day of the Ninja.
Day of the Ninja is a day to pretend to be a ninja. You can dress up like one, sneak around like one, and generally flood the internet with ninja-related posts, videos, and activities.
The day was unofficially created back when the ninja craze was sweeping the internet with sites like Real Ultimate Power and Ninja Burger. It was set up as the antithesis of Talk Like a Pirate Day due to the conflict between these two groups, and by some is called Die Like a Pirate Day. The official website says that no matter what you call it, if you celebrate ninjas and ninja-like activities on December 5th, you are participating with your fellow ninja-philes.
Unfortunately, most of the links on the official website are dead. This does not necessarily mean that those who founded the day are silent, but what is more likely is that it’s kind of a pain in the butt to maintain so many websites when you’ve lost interest.
Even if all you do today is hang out in your bathroom for a while practice posing in front of the mirror or shout, “Death from above!” from a second story window at some unsuspecting passers by, you’ll be celebrating this momentous holiday. If you participate, even in a small way, Day of the Ninja will never die.

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