Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bean Day

I’m going to make bean dip.
Why is it that when I have tons of leftovers in my fridge that all I want to do is make something new? Usually I try to make things that I know my family will enjoy and eat all of, or at least wouldn’t mind eating any leftovers.
Pinto beans are the worst.
They’re easy to make and pretty delicious, but I always make too much! And aside from eating burritos for three weeks or making a pot of chili that only I will eat, there’s not much I can think to do with them.
So I’m going to make bean dip. I’m going to mash the beans and add cheese and heat it up and then maybe put some sour cream or some spices or something in it, and then I’m going to eat it.
Maybe someday there won’t be any pinto beans in my fridge, waiting to be eaten.

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