Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Writing Prompt: Cthulhuffiti

The youth of our fair city have taken vandalism to a new level. Not content with breaking playground equipment or merely shouting at passersby from sidewalks, the frequent night time meetings of the young people in Sayne have drawn the attention of many people, including the mayor himself.
“This isn’t medieval Europe,” he commented from his office Monday afternoon. “The days of wandering around in the dark wearing cloaks and carrying torches are over. Kids these days, I swear.”
But these kids are doing more than wandering around chanting like a mob on a witch hunt. The graffiti that has appeared on the walls of civic buildings these last few weeks is nothing like anything that has been spray painted there before.
“It’s not Satanic,” said Father McGuire of Holy Name Church. “Honestly, these are teenagers, there could be a hundred explanations for their behavior. Why is it you people always rush to bring Satan into these things? Did it ever occur to you that Satan could be innocent?”
Professor Allen Rice, head of the Ancient Languages Department at Western University, however, discovered something different. “As a scholar of arcane symbols and ancient mythology, it is my professional opinion that these young people are trying to summon one of the Elder Gods. Though a few of the runes are wrong. This one, for example, should have another line just to the left of this one here…” (For more on Professor Rice’s recent disappearance, turn to page A5.)
As always, the citizens of Sayne should report any midnight sightings of large groups of young people to the police, and are advised to stay indoors after 5 pm. With any luck, soon these mischievous scamps will lose interest in their latest pursuit and go back to playing video games and filling out college applications, just like normal kids. (For more on Lovecraftian lore, turn to page B2.)
Writing Prompt photo provided by Tom Woodward

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