Monday, March 31, 2014

The Writing on the Wall

“I love a good spring cleaning,” my aunt told me, the memory of past springs and hope for future cleanings sparkling in her eyes. “I get my husband to help me carry all the rugs downstairs to be washed, and then I sweep and vacuum everything and wipe down all the walls.”
“You clean the walls?” I asked, skeptical.
“It makes the house feel so much cleaner!” she insisted.
When I got up today, the early morning sun was filtering across my kitchen floor. It was a lovely and inspiring scene, and filled me with determination. It also showed me that I needed to sweep the floor.
I figured that while I was sweeping, I might as well give the counters a good scrub. And then it’s not much of a stretch to go from wiping down the counters to testing the wall-cleaning theory.
I scrubbed, still skeptical, and then looked at the paper towel when I was finished.
I guess the writing on the wall says I’m ready for some spring cleaning.

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