Monday, April 14, 2014

Campaign Sign Reform

You can always tell it's an election year when the green space in front of your chiropractor's office, your neighbor's yard, and every vacant lot you drive past is obliterated by campaign signs.
The best ones have the candidate's name in addition to their desired public office. The less impressive ones just feature names. How are those of us who rely on these signs supposed to make a decision when all we can see is a name? It's not like ballots have the same font and color as campaign signs, so we're likely to forget them.
All campaign signs are red and white, blue and white, or red, white, and blue. It's not as though citizens are going to forget that their candidates are fellow Americans, or think that they are running for office outside the country. There would be nothing unAmerican about a different color scheme. Bring on the purple and green campaign signs!
Nobody is going to forget a purple and green name. And it would definitely stand out on the ballot!

1 comment:

  1. I have seen signs in this area that are yellow with a touch of blue.