Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday in History: Bloggining

On this day in history in 2012, I searched feverishly for a name for my blog. I’d promised my husband I’d start one, and when I get excited about writing something, I want it to go up right away. I tried a couple of clever-sounding urls, but they were all taken (and in hindsight, kind of ridiculous-sounding). “usingmytalents” was also taken, but I was pleased to find that without that ‘s’ on the end, I could get my first blog post up while I was still excited about posting it.
“It Begins,” I began.
Since then I’ve joined twitter and google+ to share links to my blog. I even got on the tumblr train ( I’ve started doing writing prompts on Wednesdays, Thursday in History on Thursdays, and sharing my current crafting projects on Fridays. I have had something to share every weekday.
That first day I didn’t have a ton of confidence in my writing. I didn’t think it was that great. I still don’t think I’m the greatest writer on the planet. I know I’m better than some, but some (most) days I’m not satisfied with what I’ve written. The point is, though, that I’m doing it. I’m writing every day, even if it’s not an amazing piece of literature that will change the world.
I’m using my talent.

Happy Blogaversary to meeeee…
A cake just for me.
(Actually the image belongs to Lori Watt,
who sells blingy birthday candles on etsy.)

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