Friday, April 11, 2014

Trilogy Bag Count: 140

Friends, disaster has struck.
I had to stop at 139 because I ran out of bags. Then I found one more in a closet, and was able to finish up the count, but now I’m Husker bag-less, and it doesn’t look like Hy Vee has any more. They’ve switched to a different design. It has all the same colors, though.
I’ll probably finish it up with the new design, but it won’t all be the same! That makes me a bit sad, but then I remember that I’ve used one hundred forty of the same kind of bag to get this far, and that’s pretty rad.
I’ve only got one side of a handle left to go, and then Bag the Bag Part 3: the Sequel to the Sequel will be finished!
Trilogy Bag Count: 140

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