Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Things That Make Me Giggle: Purposely Incorrect

My great grandfather was very smart. He used to tell people that he was going to be president someday. But I don't know if our country could have handled a commander in chief with such an interesting sense of humor.
He used to misspell things. On purpose. He knew perfectly well how to spell them, but he occasionally wrote them incorrectly... because it was funny.
It may be confusing to some, but it sounds hilarious to me.
My brother has a similar humorous tendency. A recent picture he snapped of my adorable nephew banging on the piano featured the caption: "He's friggin' Picasso!"
My brother knows a famous cubist painter has nothing to do with his son's musical talents. That's why it's funny.
I enjoy strange portmanteaus and silly internet slang. Stuff like that makes me giggle; I know how things should actually be spelled, how words should actually sound, but I can't help but laugh when I spell or say them incorrectly.
The amusement comes from knowing that I know I'm wrong.
I realize that not everybody's going to think it's funny, but that's okay. At least it makes me laugh to sometimes say things purposely incorrect.

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