Friday, September 5, 2014

Creepy Eyes

"Come on," my older daughter said to the younger as they snuggled down in their couch fort. "We need to stay safe from the owls; they're scary."
"Owls aren't scary, they're awesome!" I argued.
She gave me a gaze full of four year old wisdom and informed me sagely that "Owls eat people."
As I explained to her the nature of the diet of most nocturnal birds of prey, I realized that my tiny owl project was sitting on the table right next to her, and the most recent one to be blessed with eyes was a little creepy looking. It turns out that ivory buttons on white yarn don't look quite normal, whether you use purple thread to attach them or not.
The tiny owl didn't look like it was going to eat anyone. I haven't even given it a mouth yet. But maybe her surmises weren't that off-base. I don't know that I'd want those creepy owly eyes gazing at me from outside my couch fort.

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