Friday, September 12, 2014

Tuft Pile

There are a lot of stages to tiny owl production. There's the picking out yarn stage, the tiny owl making stage, the revisiting the pattern so I can remember how to make the square stage, the eye making stage, the button sewing stage, the attaching stage, and the tuft pile stage.
My least favorite stage in any project is the "fasten off; weave in ends" stage, because no matter what I do, the ends never stay weaved-in. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but any project I've ever gotten any use out of after I was finished with it (blankets, hoodies for the kids) has un-weaved its ends of its own volition, no matter how hard I tried to make sure that the stupid yarn stayed put.
I'm not really expecting any of the tiny owls to actually keep any of their many multiple ends tucked in, but it's fun to try, and always fun to watch the tuft pile grow when it's time to trim those many multiple ends.

1 comment:

  1. My ends are little mofos too. It helps if you don't follow the path of the crocheted yarn at all. Also, split the yarn's plies into 2 and weave them in separately. Then leave a wee extra bit of yarn when trimming - it'll pull back into the piece. If you cut it too short, the end will pull out the other side.