Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Blarg

Have you ever had one of those days when feel like you can’t do anything? For me, that day is today.
I have a serious case of Blarg.
The internet is vaguely distracting, but only in short spurts (usually until my body remembers the Blarg and starts shouting at me to find a more comfortable position. Not gonna happen, body. I doubt I’d be able to find a comfortable position in Zero G today). My children are cute, but not terribly entertaining while they’re napping (I would nap too, except that it would be ¾ tossing and turning and only ¼ nap, and that’s not enough nap to even justify walking into my bedroom). I love my kindle, but the two books I’m reading right now are unsuited to be read together (one has super long chapters and the other super short; I’ll let you guess which one is more interesting) (not to mention that the reading has to occur while I am sitting, standing, or lying down, and as I’ve previously mentioned, doing any of those things sucks for me today).
Sitting? Uncomfortable. Sleeping? Uncomfortable. Reading a book? Uncomfortable.

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