Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Only One

Ever lost a sock in the dryer? It's a pain to do the laundry afterward, because you’re like, “why do I only have one orange sock? What happened to the other one?” Not to mention the awkward looks you get at parties when you’re wearing two different socks. And don’t even try to pass it off as the new craze; everyone can see that you just lost one and won’t give up wearing the one you still have.
But what can you do when this happens?
I like to drive with my shoes off sometimes. But I’d never be able to get inside without putting them back on. So this situation was not an accident. Either someone was changing their shoes in the car and left this one by the door and it fell out, or a drunk passenger didn’t notice she’d lost some footwear, or someone’s boyfriend thought he’d be cute and threw it out the window (it can happen; though the worst my husband has ever done is toss my shoe a retrievable distance away under a nearby table at Outback Steakhouse). This street/shoe scene was completely human-at-fault and therefore the previous owner of the shoe does not deserve your pity. Feel free to take as many pictures of the shoe as you want.
It’s not like the street is going to start absorbing shoes anytime soon. It’s not nearly as sneaky as the dryer.

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